Occupational footwear is tailored to the workplace, offering unparalleled comfort to those who spend long hours on their feet. No matter what job or industry you work in, you'll find a pair of occupational shoes to suit your profession at Snickers Direct. 
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Cofra Officer Occupational Ranger Boots
Cofra Officer Occupational Ranger BootsModel: Officer CofraDescription of the Cofra Officer Safety R..
Cofra Landscape Occupational Waterproof Boots
Cofra Landscape Occupational Waterproof BootsModel: Cofra LandscapeDescription of the Cofra Landscap..
Cofra Mountain Boots
Cofra Mountain BootsModel: Mountain CofraDescription of the Cofra Mountain BootsBlack water repellen..
Solid Gear Hiker Occupational Trekking Boot with Composite Midsole
Hiker is a highly comfortable trekking boot made of full-grain leather and soft Nubuck. Its inner li..
CAT Colorado Black Leather Safety Boots
CAT Colorado Black Leather Safety Boots Model:COLORADO-BLACK-   Description The Colorado is..
Cofra Artide Non-Safety Boot
Cofra Artide Non-Safety BootModel: ArtideDetails of the Cofra ArtideSTANDARD: NON SAFETYUPPER: water..
Cofra Invader Beige Boots
Cofra Invader Beige Occupational Waterproof BootsModel: Cofra InvaderDescription of the Cofra Invade..
Cofra Jasper Brown Trainers
Cofra Jasper Brown BootsModel: Cofra JasperDescription of the Cofra Jasper Brown Occupational BootsB..
Cofra Marine GORE-TEX Occupational Ankle Boots
Cofra Marine Occupational Ankle BootsModel: Marine CofraDescription of the Cofra Marine Non Safety A..
Cofra Medal Boots
Cofra Medal BootsModel: Medal CofraDescription of the Cofra Medal BootsBlack water repellent leather..
Solid Gear Speed Occupational Trekking Shoe with Composite Midsole
Description of Solid Gear Speed OccupationalSpeed is a well-rounded lightweight trekking shoe that o..

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